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This is a real uk web proxy server based in the United Kingdom. No annoying ads, no pop ups. You can our uk server to unblock websites and of course to replace your current IP address with British one. The service is totally free. Just enter the url which you want to visit and click the go button. Since it is free please do not forget to use the share buttons. Thanks. Server info : Linux, Hosting: UK, Speed: 100mbs

You can also access websites from which you were banned. Please remember that, we do not log your browsing history, except your IP address, but if we receive a complain about abusive activity, we will investigate and prohibit the service for you.

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Summary: Proxies are working and useful, but they only switch your IP with browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. To change your IP in all applications, you need to buy a private VPN. In addition these servers also have 256-bit encryption which encapsulates the connection between you and them. This guarantees your secure browsing. You can order a low cost VPN service here for just $6.56!

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